Reablement Services

Support in Regaining Abilities and Confidence

Optima are committed to helping individuals regain their independence and confidence after an illness or injury. Our approach is person-centred, focusing on the unique needs and abilities of each individual.

Our team of highly trained professionals provides daily visits, offering guidance and encouragement to help individuals regain lost skills and build confidence. They observe and assist with daily tasks, promoting independence and self-reliance. This hands-on approach helps individuals regain their abilities and confidence, enabling them to live as independently as possible.

In addition to physical support, we also provide emotional support to help individuals cope with the emotional challenges that come with recovery. We understand that recovery is not just about physical health, but also about mental and emotional well-being.

Supporting Families Through the Process

For families, we provide support and education to help them understand the reablement process and how they can best support their loved ones. We believe that family involvement is crucial to successful reablement.

Our goal is to ensure that every individual we serve is able to live a fulfilling and independent life after their illness or injury. We are here to support individuals and their families every step of the way, providing compassionate and comprehensive care during this critical recovery period.